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What Are The Restrictions On Travel To Barbados From The UK?


Barbados allows tourists to travel freely from the UK. What are the rules for entry from outside the country? Here’s everything you need to know.

Can I Travel To Barbados?

Yes. All travel restrictions in the UK were lifted on Friday, March 18, 2022. This means that there is no requirement to fill out a passenger locator form, test or isolate any passengers. This applies to both vaccinated as well as unvaccinated travellers.

What Are The Entry Requirements In Barbados?

The destination eliminated all requirements for vaccinations in Barbados, as 70% of the population was fully vaccinated by the time they opened their doors.

She claimed that the removal of the entry testing requirement would “have positive consequences for the country’s tourist experience”, with faster processing times at airports.

For unvaccinated travellers to Barbados, they must submit a negative result from a PCR test no more than 72 hours or an antigen test no more than 24 hours prior to their arrival. They are also required to submit an Embarkation/Disembarkation (ED) card 24 hours prior to travel, to which they should upload their negative test result via Travel Form.

Barbados is not required to perform a quarantine or test on all vaccinated travellers upon their arrival. Unvaccinated visitors will be required to quarantine in Barbados for three days at approved facilities (an approved holding hotel, villa or government facility at their own expense) before being subject to a second PCR test within four days of arrival. They will be required to stay in the hotel room until they receive their results.

sea turtle in body of water

Before You Travel, Ensure That You Have Your Passport And All Travel Documents Checked.

Check with your travel agent or transport company to ensure your passport meets their requirements.

Passport validity

Your passport should remain valid for the length of your planned stay. There is no additional validity period beyond this.


British passport holders don’t require a visa to visit Barbados.

A period of time will be granted to you upon entry. You may extend your stay for a longer period of time by applying and paying the Barbados Immigration Department.

It is an offence to exceed the entry period or work without a work permit.

UK Emergency Travel Documents

UK Emergency Travel Documents are accepted to enter, airside transit and leave Barbados.

Departure tax

For passengers older than 2 years, a departure tax (BDS$55) is applicable. A new fee has been introduced as of October 2018. For passengers travelling outside the Caribbean region, the fee is US$70 per person. For those travelling within the Caribbean, the fee is US$35 per person. The cost is included in most airlines’ ticket prices. Check with your airline to confirm.

Barbados’s Top Tourist Spots

Barbados is the Caribbean’s most popular island, and with good reason.

The newly formed republic is blessed with natural wonders, network architecture and historical attractions, exotic animals, and pristine beaches. This is why Rihanna’s favourite daughter doesn’t want to leave the country and why you will continue coming back. These are the top places in Barbados.

Bridgetown: Step back in time

Barbados’ capital makes it easy to visit, with many attractions located in close proximity. The Parliament buildings are located in the city centre, flanked by the National Heroes Square.

Just a couple of miles from the National Heroes Square lies the Garrison Historic Area. This is a collection that makes up the largest British military base in the Caribbean. The Barbados Museum and Historical Society, as well as the George Washington House and Pavilion, are all included.

You should take a few minutes to really appreciate this area’s historical and architectural significance. Queen’s Park’s 1,000-year-old baobab tree, Nidhe Israel Synagogue, and St. Michael’s Cathedral complete the list of must-see monuments.

Harrison’s Cave:

Harrison’s Cave is one of the natural treasures of the Caribbean. The unique stalagmites, stalactites, and limestone caves formed from water-eroded limestone rocks. Tours are as simple and easy as taking a tram. The magical caverns, crystallised formations and caves can remain almost unaffected.

Lawrence Gap’s nightlife is just a sample of what you can expect.

The Gap is a local landmark that’s less than a mile in length but is the centre for shopping, dining and nightlife. It’s located just 20 minutes outside Bridgetown, in Christ Church parish. You will find most of the eateries, nightclubs and bars on the street’s west side.

Primo Bistro provides affordable waterside dining with tasty seafood and delicious pizzas. There are many residential properties in the east, as well as guesthouses and hotels for all price points.

There are some bars that have a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy some local street food, coconut water and a short walk along the boardwalk to get a front-row seat to a spectacular sunset.

Carlisle Bay offers snorkelling opportunities.

On the southern edge of Bridgetown, you will find the crescent-shaped Carlisle Bay. This beach is known for its white, pillowy sand and turquoise waters.

Nearby shipwrecks, some of which were caused by unfortunate accidents but others designed to promote coral reef growth, make this an ideal spot for snorkelers. Diverse species of fish, turtles, and lobsters will be visible to visitors. However, it is best to bring sunscreen and an umbrella. You will find restaurants, watering holes and facilities for restrooms within easy reach.

Visit Rihanna Drive

Before Rihanna became an international pop star and successful businesswoman, she was just known as Robyn. A little girl from Charles F. Broome Primary School who lived in one among the colourful houses at Westbury New Road, St. Michael.

On the country’s Independence Day 2017, that street was renamed Rihanna Drive. Visitors come to this humble but colourfully painted house on a bright blue surface every year to see where Barbados’ biggest star was born.

A plaque can be found on the street corner. Sometimes, however, it is possible to get a few tips from Robyn Fenty’s neighbours if you are lucky.

Mount Gay Distilleries in Barbados is the best place to explore Barbados’ rich rum history.

Barbados’ rich sugar cane history and perfect tropical weather conditions for alcohol maturation combine to create the perfect rum at Mount Gay Distilleries.

It was founded in 1703 and is the oldest commercially-operated rum distillery in the country. Their signature tasting explores Barbados’ history as the birthplace of rum. It also offers a sampling of the outstanding rums that the renowned brand is well-known for. You can also take cocktail crafting classes and enjoy a Bajan lunch with local specialities and unlimited rum punch.

Travel is included in the experience for USD$20. The Mount Gay Visitors Center, which is centrally located in Bridgetown, is both the country’s capital and the largest city.

Returning To The Uk

The UK passenger locator is not required before you can travel. Also, you do not need to take any COVID-19 test or quarantine upon your arrival in England.


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