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Travel Restrictions To Singapore From The UK


The Readers Choice Awards 2021 named Singapore’s Changi Airport the best airport. However, beyond its duty-free status, the city-state boasts a thriving metropolis with world-class restaurants and hotels. The destination’s decision to relax restrictions on vaccinations has caused a rush to book flights. But, can you fly to Singapore from the UK? Here are the facts.

Is It Possible To Travel To Singapore From The Uk?

Yes, after 21 months, Singapore opened its borders to a vetted group of countries in October 2021.

British citizens don’t need visas to enter or transit Singapore. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority will decide who is allowed to enter Singapore.

group of people at the swimming pool under white clouds

For foreign crew who work on ships, pleasure craft, and small vessels at Singapore’s marinas, there are additional measures. Guidelines for air/sea personnel and pleasure craft owners. For any COVID-19 rules specific to the marina, check with your agent or employer.

Singapore has very strict rules about:

  • Masks can be worn indoors and on public transport.
  • You can dine out with up to 500 people if you are fully vaccinated.
  • Testing, self-isolation, and quarantine are all options available when they are needed.

These rules can be broken, and you could face a long investigation, fines or even a prison sentence. See Coronavirus section.

panoramic photo of London EyeIf you are fully vaccinated

You must have a valid digital copy or physical proof of your vaccinations in order to enter Singapore.

Children 12 years old and younger who are not vaccinated but travelling with their fully-vaccinated guardians may enter Singapore. This includes children who will be 12 years old by 2022.

You may be exempted from COVID-19 testing if you are fully vaccinated and have not suffered from COVID-19 for the last three months.

For more information, visit the Safe Travel webpage.

What happens if your COVID-19 test is positive?

At the hotel or residence you are staying at, you will need to be able to isolate yourself. Depending on your health, what happens next depends on how you feel. See Ask MOH. It is a crime to break self-isolation and quarantine orders. See Coronavirus section.

high-rise buildings at nightValid proof of vaccination

To enter Singapore, you must provide proof of your vaccinations.

Singapore will accept the proof that COVID-19 has been completed. The NHS appointment card issued by vaccination centres is not intended to be used for proof of vaccination.

To scan into public places and get a temporary pass to Singapore, you will need to either download the TraceTogether App or purchase a TraceTogether token.

If you’re not fully vaccinated

You cannot enter Singapore if you aren’t fully vaccinated unless you are a Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident. It is possible to request permission to enter Singapore for unvaccinated persons for special reasons. This includes unvaccinated children aged 13-17 years of long-term pass holders or compassionate reasons. To be allowed to travel, unvaccinated travellers must go through 7 days of quarantine upon arrival. After that, they will have to undergo a PCR test. They also need to obtain travel insurance of at least S$30,000 to cover COVID-19-related medical expenses. For details, visit Safe Travel.

Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Singapore is often described as a “playground for the wealthy”, and it is true that this small city-state has a lot of wealth. Singapore is more than luxury shopping malls, high-end hotels and fine dining. It offers much more than that. You will also find a rich history and many ethnic areas to explore, as well as beautiful public spaces and family-friendly attractions that make this city a futuristic one.

Singapore’s excellent public transport system makes it easy and convenient to visit the city. Once you have a good idea of the layout of Singapore’s metro system, it will be easy to navigate from one area of the city to another. English is widely spoken, and signs are also in English. Singapore is among the most accessible and comfortable countries in Southeast Asia. You’re sure to have a wonderful time if you don’t compare prices with nearby Thailand and Vietnam.

Sentosa Island

Although Singapore is not a well-known beach destination, Sentosa Island is a great place to have fun. Siloso Beach is a great spot to get some beach time. Visitors can play volleyball on the free courts or go kayaking and skiing. You can also swim with dolphins at the Underwater World Aquarium.

The Merlion is a must-see attraction on Sentosa Island. This famous statue in Singapore has both the head and body of a lion. Take an escalator up to the top of this statue for panoramic views of the area. Adventurous types should check out The Flying Trapeze or the SeaBreeze Water-Sports at Wave House. Here you can fly a water-propelled jetpack and strap yourself to it.

buildings near oceanNight Safari Singapore

Night Safari Singapore adds a new dimension to traditional zoo experiences by introducing people to the lives of night-time residents. Each section has its own trail, which allows you to observe the elusive creatures as their “day” goes.

As you would expect, the Leopard Trail includes leopards as well as flying foxes and lions. The Fishing Cat Trail takes you through the habitat of Singapore’s native animals, including pangolins, pangolins, and other endangered species. The East Lodge Trail is home to Malayan Tigers and Spotted Hyenas. The Wallaby Trail takes visitors to Australia’s marsupials.

You can book private tours, buggy rides and educational sessions, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences like an Asian elephant feeding session.

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore

Pulau Ubin (Granite Island)

Visit Pulau Ubin to see how life was before skyscrapers and glamour. It is home to less than 100 people who still live the same way they did in 1960s Singapore. Malay for “Granite Island” is the island’s name. This moniker was given to it by its former prominence as a quarrying community.

It is now a tranquil, rural place where tourists can experience unspoiled forests, diverse wildlife, and peaceful living conditions. It is also home to the Chek Jawa Wetlands, which are home to a coral reef that is teeming full of marine life.

It is accessible by boat. The 10-minute trip departs from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

multicolored lights on postsThe Maritime Experiential museum

This indoor-outdoor museum can be found right on the water and offers a unique way to learn about Singapore’s maritime past through interactive exhibits. You can see several ships anchoring here before you even step foot inside the museum.

The museum’s highlight is the Jewel of Muscat. It is a replica of an 830 CE sailing vessel that was travelling between Africa, China, and Africa. In a special effects simulation, you can see large-sized models of the trading ships that travelled along the Silk Route. You can also learn navigation skills and read nautical charts.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore

Jewel Changi Airport

The Jewel Changi, a 10-story high airport, is often voted the best in the world. It isn’t your average transportation hub. It should be on your list of places you must see while in Singapore.

The airport has over 300 shops. But the most notable feature is the 40-metre high HSBC Rain Vortex. This indoor waterfall, surrounded by more than 2,000 trees, is the airport’s iconic feature. Each terminal has its own garden. Terminal 1 has a cactus and sunflower garden, while T2 has T2 and T3 butterfly gardens. T3 is home to over 40 species of butterflies and features a 6-metre waterfall and many flowering plants.

Two movie theatres are located at the airport. There is also an entertainment corner with vintage arcade machines. The indoor canopy park has stunning views, decks and garden mazes. A 12-metre tall slide (that’s four stories high) is available for both adults and children.

San Marina Bay, Singapore

Merlion Park

Singapore’s Merlion sounds exactly like it does. It is a mythical creature with the head and body of a lion and the tail and body of a fish. The Merlion is a combination of the city’s humble beginnings as a fishing community and its traditional Malay name Singapura (the “lion city”).

It is 7.6m tall and weighs 70 tons.

Nearby is the “Merlion Cub”, a tiny, two-metre tall creature that weighs in at three tonnes. There are also five official Merlion statues. Merlion Park is a great spot for photos, whether you want to take a selfie in front of the famous creature or capture the stunning views that the park offers over the bay.

Address: One Fullerton, Singapore


Chinatown is a great place to visit if you have ever been to China. This district is full of excitement, from the mom-and-pop shops selling authentic Chinese food to bright red lanterns. Visit the Chinese Heritage Centre to see the stunning Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple.

The Buddha Tooth Relic temple is another temple worth visiting. You can listen to the morning drumming ceremony if you get up at 4 AM. You can also view the relic and watch the closing ceremony.

To help visitors better understand the significance and history of the area, heritage markers were placed throughout the neighbourhood in English (Japanese) and simplified Chinese (Simplified Chinese). This neighbourhood is more than a tribute to the Chinese influence on Singapore’s history. This neighbourhood is progressive, with free Wi-Fi available to all. It also houses the trendy Ann Siang Hill district, which has quaint boutiques and high-end shops that could easily be found in any Western city.

Returning to the UK

All Covid travel rules in the UK have been lifted as of March 20, 2022. This means that all travellers, regardless of their vaccination status, no longer need to fill out a passenger locator form to travel to the UK.


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