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Can I Travel To Bali From The Uk Without Restrictions? Here Are The Entry Requirements


Bali, an Indonesian island located in the Java Sea, has been a popular tourist destination for many years. Visitors come to see its crumbly temples and hippy villages, as well as the black-sand beaches with their crackling sunsets. It’s been closed to outside tourists since March 2020, when the island’s dependence on international tourism made it difficult for two years. Only 45 tourists from abroad visited the island between January and October 2021, a far cry from the nine million who arrived on its shores in 2019.

It was reopened to international tourists in March 2022 as part of a pilot program to welcome back visitors.

This article will cover all you need to know about Indonesia’s entry requirements, pre-departure testing, and regulations on the ground.

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What Are The Entry Requirements For Bali?

From April 5, the complicated entry requirements for Bali were eliminated.

Visitors from 23 countries, including the UK, can enter Bali with no quarantine or application for a visa in advance.

A traveller must present a positive PCR test within 48 hours of departing for Bali and a certificate of vaccination. They do not need to present a confirmed booking for accommodation for more than four days.

Online health declarations will be required for all visitors.

All visitors must be checked upon arrival. If they have symptoms of Covid-19 or have a fever, they will need to undergo a PCR test.

Although they have similar opening procedures to the islands of Indonesia, Bintan (near Singapore) is less popular among British tourists.

The quarantine requirement for international arrivals was dropped by Indonesia in March. However, a pre-departure test would still be required.

Can I Travel To Bali Unvaccinated?

One word: No. Bali is not open to anyone who has been fully vaccinated.

What Are The Restrictions When You Are There?

Inside, masks must be worn. Travellers should expect strict Covid protocols, such as temperature checks at hotels and sanitising stations at restaurants.

Visa Requirements

For nationals from 42 countries, Visa-Only-Arrival is possible. To confirm your entry requirements, check with your local embassy. More information on visas can be found on the government website.

For travel to Bali, proof of onward travel from Indonesia is required. 

What Are The Best Times Of Year To Travel To Bali?

Are you looking for a way to escape the cold? Bali is located right at the equator, so it enjoys gloriously warm weather all year. You can find us sipping cocktails outside, working on our tans and swimming in the ocean every month.

Bali, like most tropical islands, experiences two seasons: dry (April-September) and wet(October-March). Don’t be discouraged by the term “wet”. It is still very hot at this time of the year, but it is humid, and there is a slight chance of rain. The rain is short-lived, but it does provide some relief from the heat. This season is great for exploring the more tranquil side of the island if you are okay with getting wet from time to time.

We don’t care which month it is; we will pack our bags when Bali reopens for international travel. Below are some of our favourite year-round activities for Bali.

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Why Visit Bali?

Bali has been the place to be in South East Asia for many years. This island is known for its beautiful beaches and yoga retreats. It also has a nightlife scene that attracts backpackers as well as high-end tourists from around the globe.


The Gili Islands, located off the main island, are a beautiful trio. The tranquillity of the tropical environment is enhanced by the absence of motor vehicles. Two-wheeling is the best way to discover the beaches. There are no cars, motorbikes or worries.

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You can spot dolphins in their natural habitat by taking a traditional fishing boat to northern Bali. This experience is included in our small group tour in Bali. We make sure that the boats are far enough away from the dolphins so they can frolic stress-free.


Learn how to shred like an expert. Bali is the paradise of surfers, with many spots that are suitable for beginners who want to live their beach babe dreams. You’ll soon be surfing in no time with a little help from a local instructor. Day 3 of the Bali Intro Small Group Tour features a surfing session in laid-back Canggu.

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Bali has many beaches that will help you find your inner peace. You can snorkel with turtles, sunbake on the sand or sip a pina Colada. There’s a beach to suit every mood.

black building on gray rock hill


Bali’s inner areas are not only full of beautiful beaches and bright oceans but also have a lot more natural beauty that you can explore. The island’s landscape includes iconic rice paddies, misty mountain top temples and waterfalls. Grab your smartphone and take some photos for the ‘gram.

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You can sacrifice a night of sleep to get up early and climb Mt Batur, an active volcano. The breathtaking views of Bali’s lush landscapes are worth jetting on jelly legs. Our Bali Intro group trip lasts for one full day. This includes a sunrise hike up Mt Batur. In the afternoon, you can get a traditional Balinese massage to relax your muscles. It all comes down to balance.

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Returning To The Uk

The UK passenger locator is not required before you can travel. Also, you don’t need to take any COVID-19 test or quarantine upon your arrival in England.

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