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Australia removes travel restrictions for UK travellers: What are the most recent entry requirements?


Australia’s spectacular national parks, white beaches, and majestic national parks are available once more after borders have been opened. To make it easier for you to plan a trip, here are the latest entry requirements.

Australia has reopened cautiously. Covid regulations remain on the ground. That means it can be difficult for travellers to fully understand what they need to do. Additionally, each state and territory has its own restrictions.

First, though, we need to warn you th  at travel restrictions are subject to change quickly. You could lose your travel insurance if you travel against the FCDO’s current guidance. In the months leading to your holiday, it is a good idea that you keep an eye out on the gov.uk or Australia’s Department of Home Affairs websites.

In uncertain times, ensure you have travel Insurance with good Covid policies. Also, make sure you book your trip with a provider that has flexible booking policies.

When is Australia open to tourists?

Australia opened its doors to international tourists on 21 February.

Only fully vaccinated adults and children accompanying them can enter Australia. Here’s a breakdown of what the Australian government considers to be fully vaccinated and who is allowed to travel for tourism.

You must have compelling reasons to travel to Australia if your vaccine status is not met. The Australian Home Affairs website can be used to request a travel exclusion.

Australia’s travel rules for UK travellers will vary depending on the territory they arrive in.

Entry Requirements To Australia

More information on how to get into Australia is available at the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

An Australian visa is required in order to enter Australia. For more information, please see “Visas during COVID-19” below.

All fully vaccinated visa holders can travel to Australia with no travel exemption starting on 21 February 2022. Check the Australian Department of Home Affairs website for the definition of fully vaccinated to travel to Australia.

A valid travel exemption is required for unvaccinated visitors to Australia. You can apply online for an exemption on the Australian Department of Home Affairs site.

It is important to review the steps you should follow when planning to travel from overseas to Australia. You must pass the COVID-19 negative test to travel to Australia. This can come in the form either of a negative COVID-19PCR Test within 3 days of departure or evidence of a negative Rapid Antigen Test performed under medical supervision within 24hrs of departure. You may not be able to pass pre-testing requirements if your flight delays. A COVID-19 second test may be necessary if you have your flight rescheduled.

If you are a fully immunised traveller, you will need to produce proof of your COVID-19 vaccination. You can also check the requirements to obtain foreign vaccine certificates if you were not vaccinated within Australia. Services Australia has an International COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate.

All Australian travellers must complete a Digital Passenger Declaration 72 hours prior. The Digital Passenger Declaration will include a declaration regarding your COVID-19 status and pre-departure testing results.

Some states and territories may have their own travel restrictions. Be sure to verify the requirements for each state or territory that you will be entering. The rules at the border, including eligibility criteria and regulations, can quickly change. Travellers must be prepared to deal with disruptions to their plans.

Quarantine requirements

Each state or territory is responsible for determining and managing quarantine requirements. You will need to confirm the requirements for each state and territory you visit.

To travel from one state to another, you must meet the quarantine requirements.

Testing/Screening on arrival

Travellers arriving in Australia may need to undergo a higher level of health screening. You may be required to have your temperature tested.

Check the website of your airport to find out further details.

Transiting Australia

Please refer to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website for more information on transiting Australia.

British nationals may transit Australia up to 8 hours per day without a visa. You can only transit to Australia for a maximum of 8 hours without a visa. If you do not have a visa, you cannot clear immigration. For information on transiting to Australia without a visa, you can visit the Department of Home Affairs. If your transit time exceeds eight hours, or you are not eligible, you’ll need to apply and obtain a Visa before you travel to Australia.

You should check the latest entry restrictions in Australia and stay in touch with your airline or cruise line before you travel.

Visas during COVID-19

According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (ADFHA), there may be disruptions in visa processing arrangements during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can find information about global visa processing times at the Department of Home Affairs site.

If your visa expires or is in danger of expiring, contact the Australian Department of Home Affairs right away. Australia does NOT issue visa extensions. Therefore, you will need an extension to stay lawfully in Australia.

Find more information on visas to Australia, including options that might suit your needs, at the Department of Home Affairs website Department of Home Affairs.

Regular entry requirements


British citizens have the right to apply for the following electronic visitor visas.

  • eVisitor visa direct through the Department of Home Affairs No visa application fee.
  • Electronic Travel Authority is available via your travel agent. A $20 service fee is charged for visa applications.

Information regarding all other types of visas can be obtained from the Department of Home Affairs. Australian High Commission.

SmartGate allows you access to passport control at Australia’s border if you hold an ePassport. Visit the Australian Border Force website to find out more.

Working holiday visa

If your working holiday visa allows you to travel, you need to be aware of your rights as an employee and how you can report any unfair or unjust treatment.

Each year thousands of British holidaymakers go to Australia. They enjoy their time in Australia without much difficulty. The quality of the accommodation, work conditions, and medical facilities are generally very good.

In October 2016, the Fair Work Ombudsman produced a report after an inquiry into the wages, conditions and working conditions of those who were working under the Working Holiday Visa program. The report revealed exploitative workplace cultures that imposed unreasonable or illegal requirements in isolated and remote locations. The Fair Work Ombudsman may be contacted on 13 1394 to discuss your concerns about workplace conditions.

If you feel you’re being treated unfairly or unlawfully by an employer, you can email the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) at the British High Commission in Canberra, Australia. [email protected]. The NCA is working in collaboration with Australian authorities to find and correct illegal employer behaviour.

We have more information about Working holidaymakers.

Passport validity

Your passport must be valid throughout the duration of your planned stay in Australia, and additional validity beyond that is not permitted.

Transiting from one country to another on your way to Australia? Make sure you verify the entry requirements. Most countries will only allow entry if your passport still has at least 6 months’ validity.

UK Emergency Travel Documents

UK Emergency travel documents are valid to enter, transit through and exit Australia.

Dual nationals

If you’re an Australian citizen who lives in Britain or a dual citizenship holder, you need to enter Australia with your Australian passport. Otherwise, you could face delays and problems. You can find more information at the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Please visit the Coronavirus website for information about the current restrictions placed on dual nationals who leave Australia.

Yellow fever certificate requirements

To check if a yellow fever certificate is required, visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s TravelHealthPro website.

Australia’s best places to go.

Australia is a country of dreams, and Australia is a land where dreams are possible.

Australia is home to incredible contrasts as well as stunning beauty. You will find vibrant cities, vast islands of sand, ancient rainforests, as well as some spectacular natural wonders along the coast.

Australia has a laid-back atmosphere and friendly people. It’s easy to see why Australia tops bucket lists.


Melbourne is known for its stereotypes. Melbourne is known for being a place where everyone dresses in black, people love coffee, and there are too many rooftop bars despite the city’s unpredictable weather. Melbourne’s best feature is its many hidden gems. There are many things to see in Melbourne, including hidden laneways, bars and ten-storey shopping experiences.


It is easy to see why Australia’s south-most state is so attractive. A large portion of Tasmania, at 40%, is conserved as national parks or wildernesses. To reach the most popular tourist destinations in Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston are only 20 minutes away. Here you can enjoy the beautiful bush, biking down the mountain trails, and relaxing on the sandy beaches. Tasmania isn’t for nature-lovers only. It’s home to extraordinary food, gin and spirit distilleries. There are also wildlife sanctuaries (where endangered Tasmanian Devils can be found), cool-climate vineyards, amazing festivals, and a Museum of Old and New Art. This is one of the top things you can do in the entire world.

Sapphire Coast

This tranquil corner of New South Wales, at the Green Cape’s edge, is just 500kms from Sydney. This is due in part to the fact that it’s not an easy place to reach. Merimbula’s small regional airport provides an alternative. The ruggedly beautiful stretch from Bermagui towards Disaster Bay is worth the effort. You’ll find unspoiled nature, stunning waves and vibrant, shifting landscapes if you’re prepared to put in the extra miles. There’s plenty to do here beyond just admiring the spectacular views and Devonian-red Devonian limestone. There is succulent seafood available from Eden’s docks. Tilba and Bega have a variety of cheeses. Beef and lamb are raised on the hills near Pambula. The region’s most famous export is the succulent Sydney rock oysters. These oysters are raised in some of our most fertile estuaries.


Sydney has fantastic views and offers thrilling activities, as everyone knows. Sydney is a pretty place, with gorgeous buildings, such as Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, and sparkling harbours only interrupted by island sanctuaries. We recommend you stick around for the delicious food, the culture, the vibes and the beautiful beaches. Sydney has all this and more, especially for those who enjoy getting active in their free time.

Far North Queensland

It’s a great place to be, because you are surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage symbols. And tropical weather means tropical produce. Cairns, located right next to the Great Barrier Reef (the world’s largest coral Reef), is the perfect base for exploring Far North Queensland. There are many ways to experience the GBR. Make sure to visit the Daintree rainforest. It is an idyllic paradise with clear blue lakes, tropical vegetation, shimmering sunlight, and exotic wildlife. FNQ is also home to a spectacular amount of big animals like the Big Crab (Carwell), the Big Barra (Daintree) and the Big Marlin (Cairns).

Returning to the UK

You don’t need to undergo any COVID-19 testing or quarantine upon your arrival in England.

For those who travel from abroad to England:

  • need not take any COVID-19 testing before you travel or after you arrive.
  • It is not necessary to fill out an application. UK passenger locator form
  • you do not need to quarantine once you arrive.

This applies regardless if you’re vaccinated.

People who are travelling through England.

You must follow all travel providers’ rules.

Other countries may have different rules regarding what you should do to get out of your country to travel to England. Make sure to read the travel advice from the country you are visiting.



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